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Go Get Different™

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“Better is not better. Different is better” Mike Michalowicz – Entrepreneur and Business Author Back in the 1980’s all you needed was an ad in the yellow pages and your phone would ring. Time has moved on since then…chances are the way you think about communicating with your audience probably hasn’t. Telling everyone you’re the best (even if you are) just doesn’t do it anymore! Endorsed by Mike and his team, this introductory course will show you why your marketing is failing. Hint: no one cares that you’re the best! Go Get Different is based on the practices set out in Mike’s book ‘Get Different’, allowing yourself to be set apart from the competition. To carry out some of the actions and learning points will take a serious pair of big boy/girl pants. This course will go against everything you believe marketing to be…simply because no one else is doing it (note: 80% of business owners are struggling or failing…they’re doing the same as each other…just saying!)




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