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The Three Line Email

The three-line email is a massively underused and very powerful tool available.

The structure is exactly what it sounds like; 3 lines and it goes like this:

Dear [prospect name]

Are you still interested in <<YOUR PRODUCT>> with <<YOUR BUSINESS NAME>>

[your name]

When to use it:

There are several times you could use this, but it works very well with contacts that have gone cold. Maybe at the end of an email campaign to gather in those that need a blunt push to making a decision. I find it works well when you’ve not been in touch with them for a while.

Word of warning: don’t be tempted to add extra lines, turning it into 4, 5 or 6 (etc) lines. If you do that the whole impact of the email is lost and all effectiveness is gone.

Simple, 3 lines. Try it today and I think you’ll be quite surprised by the results

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